X-Scanner By The WMA team

X-Scanner is a point'n'shoot web scanner used for fast preliminary tests prior to serious penetration testing. 
This tool works on Windows/.NET platform and on Linux/Mono.

Key Features:
[+] 1. Get Server Info
[+] 2. Check For HttpOnly Flag
[+] 3. Check For XFrame-Options
[+] 4. Check For X-XSS-Protection
[+] 5. Check For X-Content-Type options
[+] 6. Check For SSL/TLS Security
[+] 7. Check For Content Secret Policey
[+] 8. Check For Access Control flaws
[+] 9. Check For X-Download Options
[+] 10. Check For Cache Control Options
[+] 11. Blazing fast TCP Port Scanner and OS Fingerprinting.
[+] 12. One of the fastest WhoIs queries in the market.
Provided here is an example report of the tool.
As you *might* have seen, the scan finished in just 10s.
Contact to alihasanghauri5@gmail.com for details and getting a copy.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/alihassanghori5

The WMA team.