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19:31 Posted by Ali Hassan Ghori
The company uCertify provides IT certification preparation PrepKits for all major vendors like Microsoft, Sun, Oracle, CompTIA, Cisco, Adobe and CIW in a very package package that you just will transfer from the web and run on some time on your pc.

uCertify gives me 640-802 Prepkit as a Reward !

Getting the PrepKit is extremely straightforward. There was one file of concerning eight.5MB named once the PrepKit I elite (C640-802.exe) and downloading it had been straightforward and did not need license.

Next step was putting in and this followed the same old Windows install routine, that I ran victimisation Windows 2000+VMware Fusion on my waterproof.

There is not abundant to mention, it downloaded and put in easily, as I hoped for.

My overall analysis of this CCNA PrepKit area unit sensible.

There area unit some elements that may be updated a little, however the impression wasn't hurt by this. I mention it here since I went through the merchandise and located these - therefore i'll report it. there have been some annoying speling erors, that I even have reportable on to the corporate. additionally the assistance was organized in an exceedingly weird means, essentially having simply one facilitate article with all info. whereas the assistance did cowl all elements of the computer code finding the correct place needed some navigation, and the majority would most likely not hassle reading it all.

The positive for this product is that it covers multiple exams and vendors, could be a terribly stable and mature computer code with a good looking look - creating it easier to not skip finding out. Having the chance to sample modules, an inexpensive worth per module and having the cash back guarantee is additionally a pleasant bonus for this product.

I will actually contemplate shopping for this for future exams since this product could be a mature certification preparation kit which can assist you inure exams.

I Glad to Review about  uCertify Product !


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Need Your Valuable feedback on uCertify's New Online Platform !

08:51 Posted by Ali Hassan Ghori
Richa Jauhari is a leading provider of test preparation software for IT certification exams in uCertify. They are committed to provide the best prep materials for all IT certification exams. They are always looking for ways to improve the quality of our offerings, either by the way of content or increasing the learning engagement factor.


uCertify is now providing the ‘Online Version’ of its PrepKits. The online Prep-engine of uCertify can be accessed through any interface either Mac, Linux, Unix, or on any device like iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android, etc. Some of the features of Online Prep-engine are:

*Complete location and device independence: Available online 24x7 or go mobile (supported on all major Smartphones and tablets)

*Digital book integrated with images, videos, audio, quizzes, flash cards, assessments, assignments, study notes and much more

*Powerful Analytics to track and gauge learning effectiveness for students, teachers and school administrators

*Self-Study or Teacher/Mentor assisted learning

*Customizable roles and access for students, TAs, teachers and administrators

*Simple, yet powerful teacher portals to customize courses, pre-assessments, tests and assignments

*Hassle free, highly available and scalable hosted solution

Additionally, there is another interesting feature ‘Course Advisor’ which is a very helpful tool for those who want to search most appropriate certification exam for them. This tool will help such individuals to choose best certification based on his/her prior knowledge, experience, and the technology in which they are interested. Log in and try it here:

Richa Jauhari
Customer Happiness Manager, uCertify
Phone: 1-800-796-3062