ALHAMDULILLAH ! Ali Hasan Ghauri , the first person from India and Pakistan who listed in Oracle !

05:30 Posted by Ali Hassan Ghori , ,
Nowadays , i am busy in Study , but in Saturday and Sunday , i have time for my Work in Computer .So , i am giving very less time to Computer because access of everything is bad . Balance Between Both are the key of Success !

Nevertheless , During my Computer Work I found Bug on Oracle and reported them:


Hided some things because of privacy reasons !

For my reported bug , they replied me:

Oracle Acknowledgement Ali hasan Ghauri

Reply from Oracle !

Then they Proposed me for Oracle acknowledgement

Oracle Proposed Ali hasan Ghauri for Oracle acknowledgement

And ALHAMDULILLAH ! Now , I am listed in Oracle Acknowledgement

Ali hasan Ghauri listed in Oracle Acknowledgement