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List of sites of Google listed in categories

All Google services are free, only few have a more professional version requiring fee. The list illustrates that, through the services and tools offered, a strong trend is emerging, that is replacing the operating system and desktop software for browser running Web applications offline. One area in which Google is becoming the main actor.
Many acquisitions have been integrated into the Google site and its services. The sites are redirected to a subdomain of Google. Only the acquisition of which the domain is still active are listed here.
This list is completed by the List of Google Tools.

Web design and development

  • 20 things I learned
    Advices for webmasters. Run under the Chrome browser.
  • Experiments.
    To end the quarrels of authors of browsers each boasting a gear its product, Google created in 2009 a site where you can run JavaScript across browsers to compare their speed.
  • Html5rocks.
    Dedicated to HTML 5, provides tutorials, demonstrations and tests for browsers.
  • Instantiation. Java development for the Web.

Graphics and video

  • Episodic. Online videos site bought en March 2010.
  • On2. The creator of the VP8 codec.
  • Omnisio. Adding comment to videos.
  • Panoramio. Geolocation-oriented photo sharing site. Works with Earth and Maps.
  • Green Parrot Pictures. Tools for motion based manipulation of films and videos. They will be offered to Youtube users.
  • Youtube. Sharing video website that uses Flash for display videos on any website. Bought by Google in 2006, its expansion is still continuing while the service develops.
    Many sites have tried to imitate it with little success except Dailymotion.

Social networks and hosting

  • All For Good. Find and share volunteer activities. Browse the site for activities near your location.
  • Angstro. Tools for social networks (August 2010).
  • Blogger.
    Platform of blog hosting. It allows you to avoid paid hosting site.
    A domain name may be associated with a blog. The site is but the blogs are hosted on subdomains of
  • FreeBase.
    A graph of persons, places and things built by a free community.
  • Genius Labs. Distributed applications technologies.
  • Google+ is Google's reply to Fecebook, (next to Orkut), a social network which allows you to connect to a group. It integrates Circle for creating online groups but also other tools with a long-term prospect of an exchange network as common as the search engine.
  • Orkut.
    Social network competitor to Friendster or MySpace. Half of users comes from Brazil and it is now hosted in this country. The goal is to create a community through invitations.
    The name is that of an employee of Google who developed the software in 2004.
  • Postrank. Data and analysis on social web.
  • A place where you can put contests and offers prizes.
  • SocialDeck.
    Social games for mobiles (August 2010).
  • Textcube. Korean blogging platform, similar to Wordpress.
  • Wave Protocol. Dedicated to Google Wave and the open source tool Wave in a Box.


  • Admob. Acquired for US$ 750 millions, it is a mobile advertising network.
  • Android. Site of the mobile operating system.
  • Labpixies. Editor of widgets and games for mobiles.
  • Punchd. Fidelity cards in shops on your mobile rather than paper.

Advertising and e-commerce

  • Dealmap. Clone of Groupon (and then of Google Offers) based on Google Maps to find good deals in a city.
  • Double Click. The advertising site was bought in 2007 for $ 3 billion.
  • Invite media. On-line buying platform.
  • Teracent. Take control of the look and feel of online adverts.
  • Zagat. Restaurant reviews. Could be integrated in Google+. It is a perfect complement to Hotel Finder.

Online search

  • Apture.
    Extension to browsers that performs a search on a part of the content of the page visited.
  • Beat That Quote. Finance price comparison in UK.
  • WDYL. ( New search engine that show results as a portfolio with categories of services.

Google's blogs

Other sites and online services

  • 20thingsIlearned. Online book to give basis of browsers and the Web.
  • BumpTop. A 3D desktop for Windows and Mac. It supports multitouch and gesture interfaces.
    See a démonstration vidéo.
  • DocVerse. Edition en groupe et en ligne de documents aux formats de Microsoft.
  • Google Apps. (Overview). Hosting for mashups.
  • Google Art Project. Online visit of all museums around the world.
  • Google Code. Hosting for open source project, similar to Sourceforge.
  • Google Base. Reference to any type of content by Google.
  • Google eBooks. Million of free or paid books, now Google competes Amazon.
  • Google News. Selection of news taken automatically from registered websites.
  • Hotel Finder. A specialized search service to find the hotel that fit your needs in the place where you go.
  • ITA Software.
    Travel information software, acquired by Google on July 1, 2010 for US $ 700 million.
  • Labpixies. Gadgets for the Web, for iGoogle mainly.
  • Google sites. Hosting service. Replaces Page Creator.
  • Store. Online shop. There is also a specialised search engine to it, Google Commerce Search.
  • Teach Parents Tech. Set of video to teach the very basic or computer technologies.
  • Think Quaterly. Free online magazine.
  • Widevine. TV on demand. (December 2010).