Must Read If You really need to become a real hacker:-

00:40 Posted by Ali Hassan Ghori

(-1-) Never trust sites that raise you for cash reciprocally of Hacking Softwares or United Nations agency claim to Hack Email Id’s reciprocally of cash. All such things square measure Scam . Nothing Works.

(-2-) There's NO DIRECT software system to Hack Facebook , Google , Yahoo or the other massive web site. All the thusftwares that claim to try to to so square measure scam. they're simply meant to require your cash and in worse cases, those softwares have trojans or keyloggers in them. As a result your account gets hacked attempting to hack others.

(-3-) Never EVER use the keyloggers or trojans you discover as software system on web. Hackers don't seem to be fools. They compile keyloggers and trojans nearly with any such software system and once you install them , you're already hacked before even attempting to hack others.

(-4-) You're ne'er about to be an honest hacker while not the information of programming and scripting languages. once you square measure about to use solely prepared created software systems and would rely on them for hacking something then your practicality would be restricted upto the practicality of the software. once you don't seem to be about to use your brain , simply doing the copy paste factor, then however are you able to even consider being an honest hacker.

(-5-) If you're an honest Hacker, you already become an honest computer programmer , an honest script author , an honest net developer and a superb security skilled. Well any smart Hacker will/should have smart information of varied aspects and programming languages. to try to to XSS (Cross web site Scripting ) , PHP INJECTION , SQL INJECTION , PHISHING , FOOTPRINTING etc… you may got to be smart at programing and scripting. And once you grasp the assorted loop holes , vulnerabilities and security tips, you already become a pc Security skilled.